The Verve – A Storm In Heaven (1993) [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

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Genres: Rock, Music, Adult Alternative, Alternative, Indie Rock, Pop, Britpop, Psychedelic, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Pop/Rock
Released: Jun 19, 1993
℗ 1993 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd

❤Album Review:
Whereas future Verve masterpieces A Northern Soul and Urban Hymns would feature succinct song structures (for the most part) and instantly memorable verses and choruses, the group's 1993 full-length debut, A Storm in Heaven, was based on buoyant, extended psychedelic passages. Looking back today, it was an interesting and original musical direction, since at the time, angst-ridden Seattle bands (and their many copycats) were all the rage. While a few songs hint at the Verve's future penchant for composing pop gems ("Make It Till Monday," "Blue," "Butterfly"), many of the longer tracks are just as strong, especially the album's best track, the hauntingly beautiful "Already There." Also featured was the album-opening space rocker "Star Sail," the shifting moods of "Slide Away," the misty "Beautiful Mind," and the stark closer, "See You in the Next One (Have a Good Time)." A fine debut, A Storm in Heaven proved to be the important connection between the Verve's expansive early work (1992's self-titled EP) and their later worldwide pop hits.


❤Track List:
01. Star Sail
02. Slide Away
03. Already There
04. Beautiful Mind
05. Sun, the Sea
06. Virtual World
07. Make It Till Monday
08. Blue
09. Butterfly
10. See You in the Next One (Have a Good Time)

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